Looking for innovative strategies that will improve the health of your revenue cycle? Partner with us and together we can reach new heights in the recovery of your self-pay receivables.

IMC offers a number of programs proven to maximize your recoveries. After meeting with one of our experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants we can recommend which of our programs best
suits your needs. Each of these approaches has the flexibility to be customized to create the best fit for your organization. All of these programs are designed to be consumer conscious and are HIPPA
and FDCPA compliant.

Our bad debt recovery service is recommended for those harder to collect and aged receivables.
This program is a full service, intensive collection approach that emphasizes prompt telephone
contact and timely follow up by experienced collectors to collect your money. The collection effort
is supported by state of the art technology including the Ontario Systems F.A.C.S software and a Guaranteed Contacts dialing system.

This service includes insurance troubleshooting, litigation services and credit bureau reporting when necessary or at the client's request.

We offer a transparent 1st party or a 3rd party self pay billing program through our Business
Office Payment Center (BOPC).
Both strategies are customer service oriented and allow the
client to outsource their more costly to collect dollars to a reputable organization better equipped
with the staff, software and dialing systems to more effectively recover their money.

The Business Office Payment Center also offers payment monitoring and custom calling
services at very competitive prices.

Regardless of the strategy you select, you will be supported by an experienced sales consultant who will diligently work to maintain the relationship. Your sales consultant can supply you with extensive performance reports at your request or on a pre-determined basis.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your collection needs in detail.